Real time data for the public transport industry

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There is no denying that real time information is part of the internet revolution, and it seems to me that the transport industry illustrates it in a good way.

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First and foremost, transport is a daily preoccupation for most people, whether they live in a town, or in the suburbs, or even in the country. Indeed, most people need a means of transport, even if it is just to go shopping or to go somewhere to do a sport.

Secondly, public transport should take into consideration the customers’ feelings : in my opinion, most people base their choice on comfort, price, speed and punctuality. . Information that can one get on one’s smartphone helps people make the right choice. It is also useful for people who are running late because they can make up their lost time.

This is the reason why public transport companies such as RATP, SNCF or STIF have developed mobile applications.

Most people who lives in a big town have the choice of bus, underground, or trains, and mobile applications are extremely useful because the passengers would know about roadworks or delays.

But it should be borne in mind that some people cycle, walk or drive a car when they want to go somewhere, so they don’t always use public transport.

Although these people have applications on their telephones, in my opinion, these applications should be included in the public transport ones. Offering real services.

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